Identifying OER with structured (meta) data (LRMI)


Who would like to help us making labeling OERs with structured data a bit easier?

Meta data – especially structured data – isn’t the most exciting thing about creating new educational resources: it’s mainly ‘invisible’ in the HTML code and including these information in the correct format is, let’s say it diplomatic, not fun. But it matters - after all the work and effort invested in making the resource, it would be a pity if nobody can find it…

While working on our OER repository for hands-on experiments ( I faced the problem of including meta data in a Google palatable JSON format following the LRMI standard. I created a rudimentary tool
to make it a bit easier, but it is far from perfect and misses an important point: the educational alignment - where does the material fit into the respective local syllabus?

Frankly, to include the educational standards and curricula of different countries is well beyond my abilities. Therefore my question if anyone would like to help building the tool?

Identifying OER with structured (meta) data (LRMI)