Call for help with developing a little MARCOMs copy for OERu

Wayne- here’s my first stab at it, let me know what you think and we can go from there.



Open Online Learning Starts Here (strap line)
Master the Basics of Digital Age Creative Commons
Learning in a Digital Age (LiDA) is a free, online, open education course where you will learn the basics of copyright law, open licensing and license remix compatibility for intellectual property within the digital environment.

Benefits of taking this course include:
• Basic knowledge of digital-focused creative property law, standards and ethics
• Edubits certified Copyright and Creative Commons credentials
• First year university students can gain credit for two exit qualifications:
1) Undergraduate Certificate in First Year Foundations (TESU), USA
2) Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu), (University of the Highlands and Islands), UK

Credit for this course is recognized at several leading universities. Check this list for recent updates. (links to a popup or page with listed universities)

Questions? Please email us at

For more information, please fill out the form below.

Hi @gstobb

That’s looking good! Thanks for your contribution.

I generated a mock-up here:

A few minor tweaks.

  1. Learning in a digital age is the full-course - LiDA103 is the third of four micro-courses
  2. We use community forums for questions (rather than email) for scalability.
  3. Attempted a “call to action” sub-heading (you will see why we need help from professionals :wink:)
  4. Removed reference to link to other universities who would recognize credit transfer for the course. To hard to keep up to date and I figure the OERu should promote its own partner network :sunglasses:

Any suggestions for improvements / tweaks to this iteration?

I would center the copy in the top image into two rows, or have it all on one line, and call it a day.

Any other input/suggestions from the rest of the group?

Thanks Greg - implemented!

New iteration here:

I see the topic stats indicate a reasonable number of views so I presume the group have been reading.

At OERu we have a standard practice - silence means assent :wink: So if anyone does have suggestions for improvement, now is a good time to hear from you otherwise we will move forward with this “rough consensus and running code” iteration.

Hi @gstobb and other readers of this topic

Now that we have a good landing page prototype for the launch of LiDA103 - I was wondering if you have any inspirational ideas for succinct social media posts and site messages we can post on WikiEducator which would work as a call to action for prospective learners to click through to the landing page which will be used to nurture leads.

My thinking is to initiate an email drip campaign via Mautic to help leads engage and ultimately register and participate in the course. I’ll post a separate “wiki” reply to suggest ideas for the email drip campaign.

Draft email drip campaign for leads generated from the landing page.

This is a wiki post - so you can edit the content below.

Context and lead flow

Prospective learners and interested people:

  1. See invitation and call to action on social media / WikiEducator site notice
  2. Click through to landing page and decide to receive information on how to get started with LiDA103 (Low threshold - only name and email address)
  3. Leads are assigned to the OERu newsletter segment to recieve OERu updates.
  4. LiDA103 leads are assigned to short email drip campaign to help them get started with participating in the course.


  • As with all OERu Mautic campaigns - users can unsubscribe at any time and will not receive further communications.
  • Campaign will be terminated 1 week before launch of a cohort-based offering to avoid conflicts with campaigns providing course instructions.

Draft email campaign

  • Email 1: Welcome and thanks. Acknowledge and thank interest in finding out more about LiDA103, Confirm OERu practice in respecting inbox of users and ability to unsubscribe at any time. Advise that leads will be subscribed to periodic updates from OERu. Introduce OERu concept (student video). Explain difference between cohort and independent study options in a sentence. Note that next email will provide instruction on how to register for a course.
  • Email 2: Register for a course This email will provide direction and support on how to register for the course to receive email instructions. It will also provide a succinct summary of the course outcomes.
  • Email 3: Tips for success - A few tips and guidelines for successful learning with OERu and “engagement survey” to provide feedback.

Wayne, I’ll need to work on that next week, if that’s okay- what are the deadlines here?

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@gstobb sure, no problems next week is fine.

I’m thinking about postponing the start of LiDA103 cohort offering by two to three weeks - the pace and tempo of running the micro-courses back-to-back is a bit overwhelming for learners. So we have a little breathing space.

Have a great weekend.

Tweaked version of the landing page for LiDA103

Tweaked the draft of the LiDA103 landing page with the following improvements:

  • Clearer and more prominent call to action
  • Responsive theme for mobile devices
  • Inclusion of associated courses.


Is anyone on the list well versed in call-to-action (CTA) copy?

I’d like to implement an A-B test scenario with two landing pages that use different CTAs.

The current example focuses on a CTA for more info: “Send me more information on this FREE learning opportunity!

I’d like to set up an alternative CTA so we can gauge conversions in the context of this landing page. Perhaps something along the lines of “Yes - help me register for this FREE learning opportunity!”

I’m totally out of my depth here in generating valuable CTA copy and would value input from the professionals. My interest is a tad more technical in learning more about Mautic’s A-B testing capability in the context of a live example.


@Mackiwg @gstobb Apologies for the delay in responding here - I took a week’s leave after Easter and have been playing ‘catch up’.

Great work on getting things underway Greg :grinning:

I’ll work my way through the thread now and see if I can add anything helpful.

Hi @cgoode

Hope you had a great vacation and welcome back!

To save time and help you come up to speed, I’ve settled on two landing pages with a different call to action (CTA) text and established an A-B test in Mautic yesterday evening which is now “live” .

Overnight, Option A: Learn about your rights to copy and stay legal in a digital world! has a click through rate of 17.65%

This compares with 5.56% for Option B: Don't delay, reserve your seat today - Granted that’s only after handful of responses, but this Mautic is a powerful piece of software and productive tool for OERu. I would not have imagined that one CTA would be three times better than the other - but I’m not a professional marketer.

We need help with two immediate tasks:

  1. Copy for site banner text / twitter posts - See current example on WikIEducator which reads as follows and links to the landing page;


Note - Have just updated the CTA link text above in the wiki which now reads “Register my interest now!” - with acknowledgement to Jim Taylor for the refinement.

  1. Corresponding drip email campaign that will accompany leads identified from the landing page. The thinking here is to establish a generic campaign that can be re-used for all courses to help learners get started. Depending on responses from the in-campaign survey, we will customize the emails they receive. Feel free to comment or suggest editorial changes. When making changes - please use “suggesting” i.e. the track changes feature.

Thanks! Hoping to have a working draft of the campaign live in the next day or two.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the update - very helpful :slight_smile: Yes, I had a good break thanks (just stayed around the house and relaxed… it already feels like a long time ago though :wink: )

Definitely in favour of Option A for the CTA text - it relates directly to course content without being too wordy (Option B CTA is fine, but could apply to any course (in my humble opinion))

How about making the copy for site banner text / twitter posts similar to CTA text A (‘Learn about your rights to copy and stay legal in a digital world’ or ‘Want to learn how to stay legal in a digital world? FREE course…’

Will have a look at the drip email campaign now and use track changes, as you’ve requested.

Hope all’s well with you

Cool - thanks for feedback!

The public agrees with your choice of Option A :sunglasses: - thanks to A-B testing.

I like your suggestions for the site banner / social media CTAs - we will have more flexibility here to use different alternatives as the campaign continues in reaching a wider audience.

Send me your gmail address offline if you would like me to add you to the list of editors.


Thanks Wayne - have been in to the e-mail campaign text now (showing up as ‘Anonymous’). Will e-mail you with my gmail address (does it have to be a gmail address? I almost never check that inbox!)

Thanks @cgoode

All edits accepted with thanks and gratitude! As an open source user, I’m not a great fan of Google Docs and not the most experienced user. I shared the doc with your OP address - will be interesting to see if it will attribute your edits - but doubt it.

This is a wiki post for adding site banner and micro-blog CTA copy ideas

You can add your ideas to the list below.

  • Learn about your rights to copy and stay legal in a digital world
  • Want to learn how to stay legal in a digital world? FREE course…

Hi all,

I’ve dummied up the survey landing page where learners decide on their preferred delivery option and information they would like to receive via email.

The responses will manage the associated email campaign in Mautic,

Hi everyone,

I’ve worked on a simple flow chart to implement the corresponding Mautic Campaign.

See online version of the flow chart here.

  • Brown/Mustard rectangles represent Mautic processes
  • Blue diamonds are decisions leads share via the survey campaign
  • Yellow blocks are campaign emails.

I’ll be using this flow chart to draft the content for the Mautic campaign emails.