OERu FAQs The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) category is used to classify general questions about the OERu. Answers to these questions are posted as replies by the community. Be sure to "favourite" the answers you find most useful. Technology This sub-category is used for discussions about OERu open source technologies OERu news The news category is used to share important announcements and discussions about OERu news. OERu consultation The OERu is distinctively open. This category is used for open consultations with the community in helping to refine and improve the implementation of the OERu. Outreach partnership The <em><a href="https://oeru.org/outreach-partnership-programme">OERu Outreach Partnership Programme</a></em> is a charitable initiative that aims to create partnerships with institutions in the developing world committed to adopting and improving open education practices and that share our goal of more sustainable education on a global scale. DLSSP The <em><a href="https://oeru.org/digital-literacies-subscription-and-sponsorship-programme">OERu Digital Literacies Subscription and Sponsorship Programme</a></em> (DLSSP) is a unique global collaboration of academic libraries designed to improve digital and information literacies for their students, while helping to democratise access to learning on a global scale.
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The OERu Digital Literacies Subscription and Sponsorship Programme (DLSSP) is a unique international collaboration of academic libraries. The initiative is designed to improve digital and information literacies for stud…

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